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…we are experienced interim managers that work in the trenches with our customers. Our independent high ethical standards, continuous search for innovative thinking combined with a solid involvement in the implementation process is at the base of our success ! …

We tailor services with the main goal being the management of change and distinguish between several type of business services. Our experience is in both old and new economy segments. To receive a short presentation on Makwa please write us a few words:


director of life science investments

Formed LYNX PBV: a Consulting Company exclusively serving as Director of Investments at BSD GROWTH to be set up as a self managed fund based in Gibraltar. LYNX PBV role will be to recommend investments of the BSD GROWTH Fund and then escort the targeted companies from as early as a post proof of concept (POC) stage into an exit; its services also include improving business registration for entrepreneurs, streamlining the process for transferring property, reducing the time required to enforce contracts, and minimizing insolvency.

plenty FDI $ from Israel to New England

Makwa officially represented in Israel the State of Massachusetts and Massport for many years and with the unique support of the NEICC pushed Israeli companies to invest their future on “Rd128”.  “Massachusetts was the trailblazer as the first US state to open a representative office here for trade and investment promotion under the auspices of the Massachusetts Office of Trade & Investment, a cabinet position of then governor William Weld with David Vita acting is the officer’s local director. (Link to full Report) For Massachusetts the investment here paid off handsomely”.