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Makwa tailors its services for its customers, with the main goal being the management of change. We work to build lasting results while operating in tight collaboration with the board and the senior staff of our clients to increase shareholder value.

We distinguish between several type of services:

Positioning including portfolio strategies on products, markets and channels, setting up rep offices; due diligence reports, sales productivity plans, valuation and high-tech companies strategy.

Business process management as strategic planning, product development, integrated logistics issues, building commitment, functional redesign and post merger management.

Capital formation for corporations and for investors including fund representation (ex. FoF) performing as GP via portfolio management, alliances, M&A, exits.

Counseling on discretionary issues as securing excellent legal support and referrals, IR / PR and advertising plans.

Company Representation focusing on hi tech products.

To accomplish these tasks we work with specialized subcontractors, frequently associated companies chosen and agreed upon with our clients. Our experience is in both old and new economy segments. We have achieved results in numerous industries among them: agrochemicals, consumer goods and fresh retail, energy & utilities, plastics, IT, semiconductors, telecom, and we work in close relationship with healthcare specialists based in Israel, Poland, Switzerland and the USA to make wins in that segment.