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brief: Poland lifescience ecosystem

Poland is growing faster then other EU countries and there is good base to build a winning life science cluster. ±€5 bil in pharma/y, ±€1bil in medical devices/y, 8000 local life science companies, about 1000 Hospitals and 20k clinics or 6H beds /000 (2x than the USA and 1.5x then CH) is a good start. Bioengineering MSc degrees are issued in english in more than one University and this adds more skills and specialized staff in the market; however all this needs a boost as there is yet not enough concentration of interconnected businesses, free contractors, associated institutions and startup wins to evidence a clear self regeneration. Some of Poland new round of grants (±€5 bil /year in development) could help if intentionally directed to this sector and partially adapted to the special requirements life science early stage projects need to achieve commercialization.

Eliza Kruczkowska, Shimi Azaria, and David G. Vita; moderator: Roi Ben Daniel.

Eliza Kruczkowska, Shimi Azaria, and David G. Vita; moderator: Roi Ben Daniel.

Poland’s Emerging Biotech Sector: The Time Is Right for Startups

preventing Alzheimer … late 50ies :)

Poland has Billions of € to be granted for innovation; such money must be spent in Poland and you need to open a “nexus” (Polish R&D subsidiary). This is good for Poland, and will increase foreign direct investments (FDI), and for the Israeli companies that can find matching R&D skills there. We are now launching the first “nexus” to develop a small non-invasive ear-VNS treatment of cognitive impairment degeneration / Alzheimer’s Disease @ Home: Cogniguard.


Animal studies are conducted in Lodz.

GP looking for investors

Makwa is in tight business contacts with Polish and Israeli technology managers to raise funds from BSD GROWTH a self managed fund based in Gibraltar. Our role will be as a GP running for PFR Venture & NCBiR tenders in Poland while (if winners) use the BSD GROWTH Fund as a support investment vehicle (LP) to choose, manage and escort the targeted companies from as early as a post proof of concept (POC) stage well through the commercialisation stage and possibly to exit.

Yigal Erlich, Adam Broncel and David Vita @ Bioforum in Lodz 2016